Ranger Walk 2023


This year, we're raising funds for some incredible projects. We aim to upgrade our technology in classrooms, build new learning centers in the Media Center, and enhance our outdoor areas. Our ambitious goal? We want to raise $55,000! And here's the exciting part: we've got amazing school-wide and individual incentives to get everyone pumped! For instance, if we hit: $5,000: Every student gets T-shirts and Sunglasses! 😎 $15,000: It's Dress up as a Community Helper Day! 🦸‍♀️🦸‍♂️ $25,000: Pajama Day for all students! 🌙 $30,000: The Ranger Walk turns into a Color Run! 🌈 $35,000: We'll have Tie-Dye Ranger Walk Shirts [...]