10 x 10 Fundraiser

CLICK HERE to sign your student(s) up for our 10 x 10 fundraiser. You will need to click Student Center on the top right, and then click sign up, or scroll down to Student registration (see image below). Click select registration to set your child’s account page up and you’ll be set!

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If you have any questions registering, please email jenlingo77@gmail.com.

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Why are we trying to add this new technology to our classrooms? Who better to answer that than some of our amazing teachers here at Deer Park

“This is my 17th year teaching and my first year with an interactive smart board…I can’t express how much both myself AND the kids love having this technology as part of our day! It absolutely keeps the kids engaged, active and learning to their best abilities. I am obsessed with it and will never want to teach again without one!” Lis Weber – Kindergarten

“Our interactive panel has taken our learning to the next level! The clear, crisp screen allows all the kids to see clearly, no matter where they are in the room, while the interactive capabilities encourage students to participate in a fun and engaging way.” Maria Linden – 4th Grade

“The past year has been challenging, yet still rewarding. From learning new platforms to finding and creating engaging and rigorous lessons for our learners. There are so many resources that I’m excited to see the students actively use that would be enhanced by an interactive board in the classroom. How exciting would it be to see a group of students “playing” with their learning as they work together to experiment and deepen their understanding using the interactive board. Please consider donating to our fundraiser so that more of our students can engage with their learning in this active way.” Dee Bryant – 5th Grade

I would love a smart board for my classroom!  It would enhance the students’ learning with engaging and interactive experiences! The visual quality would be like learning in HD! Michelle Gordon – 2nd Grade

I have had the privilege to use an interactive panel in my classroom.   It is a wonderful piece of technology to have. It has provided a way to accommodate different learning styles and interactive learning for all. They get to touch, manipulate and write their thinking ideas.  It also helps as a projecting visuals in a clear and colorful way that all students can see clearly. Melissa Martinez – 1st Grade

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Please note – ALL funds raised from this fundraiser is earmarked specifically for technology to directly impact our classrooms.

Thanks in advance for your support of the Deer Park PTA!