PTA Nominations

Deer Park is looking for a few outstanding individuals to serve on the 2020-2021 Deer Park PTA Board. Nominations are currently being taken for all positions. Our 2020-2021 elections will be determined at a later date.

All nominations and/or questions should be sent to Courtney Bowles at

PTA Board positions require a yearlong commitment. You must be willing to prioritize PTA Board meetings and events. There are many ways to volunteer and support the PTA, but being a part of the executive board requires additional time and effort to make our Deer Park PTA successful.

While all positions are technically open, there are board members hoping to return in specific positions, so we might contact you about other positions on the board, so please keep an open mind! πŸ™‚

PTA Board Positions:

President – Responsible for leading the PTA toward specific goals chosen by its members

Treasurer- Oversees all financial records and keeps permanent books of accounts and payments

Secretary – Keep an accurate, concise, permanent record of the proceeding of all the meetings of the association and of the executive board

Corresponding Secretary – Conducts the official correspondence of the PTA

Vice President of Leadership – Assist the President and help lead the PTA toward specific goals chosen by its members

Vice President of Programs – Maintains regular contact with committee chairs to ensure they have the help they need for specific PTA programs 

Vice President of Membership – Creates a successful membership campaign and maintains a current PTA membership list

Vice President of Communications – Oversees the communication of the master calendar of activities via Newsletters, PTA Facebook, PTA Twitter, and PTA Instagram

Vice President of Volunteers – Recruit volunteers to assist with the PTA activities

Vice President of Ways and Means – Oversees the fundraising activities including Deer Park Business Sponsors

NON-Board PTA Board Positions:

Hospitality Chairman– Acts as the official host of PTA to organize refreshments and decorations for events

Fifth Grade Committee Chairman – Responsible for leading the 5th grade committee with fundraising efforts for the field trip and celebration

Box Tops Chairman – Organize the collection, counting and redemption of Box Tops Fundraising

Homeroom Parent Coordinator – Communicates effectively with the homeroom parents and teachers

Teacher Liaison – Teacher Representative to create a relationship between all teacher and the PTA