Uniforms & Dress Down Days

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All orders are delivered directly to your home and can take up to 10 business days.  There are NO EXCHANGES or RETURNS of shirts because the wrong size was ordered. Parents or guardians, please visit Deer Park’s office to see a sample size of shirts BEFORE you order.

If there is a mistake, PLEASE respond to your confirmation email so our vendor can best serve you. We hope you appreciate the convenience of direct shipping of uniforms! If you have general questions about sizing or ordering, please email our vendor http://deerpark.deco-uniforms.com/contact

 Uniform Policy

All students MUST wear a Deer Park shirt, as specified below,  Monday – Friday, with the option of a spirit shirt on Fridays ONLY. Khakis or navy blue shorts, skirts, or pants will be worn Monday – Thursday, with jeans allowed on Fridays or dress down days.

Students can wear:

  • Green or Gold polos WITH or WITHOUT the Deer Park logo
  • Green or Gold dryfit shirts WITH the Deer Park logo
  • Green or Gold tee shirts WITH the Deer Park logo
  • Green or Gold ladies fit shirts WITH the Deer Park logo
  • School Spirit or Club shirts  ONLY on Friday.

Jeans, shorts (no holes or tears above the fingertip length of jeans and shorts are allowed), pants, skirts and leggings (only if the bottom is fully covered) are all acceptable for students.

Hillsborough County Dress Code-

Please note on any days students are out of uniform (picture day, spirit days, etc.) the Hillsborough school dress code will still be in effect.

Dress Code

  • The dress and grooming of students shall be that which contributes to the health and safety of the individual and which is non-disruptive of the educational activities and processes of a school. The definition of appropriate dress shall vary with the age of the student, the program of instruction, and the heating/cooling system of the building.Students have the right: to dress as they choose as long as their dress meets the approved dress and grooming regulations, does not disrupt school activities, is not obscene or defamatory, and does not endanger the physical health or safety of themselves or others.Students have the responsibility: to dress and groom in such a manner so as to reflect cleanliness, modesty, safety and good taste; become familiar with and adhere to approved dress and grooming regulations of the School Board of Hillsborough County.Kindergarten – Fifth Grades
    • Shoes shall be worn and be securely fastened to the feet and have a low heel height. Footwear must be suitable for outdoor physical education classes and unsafe shoes such as “skate tennis shoes” are not allowed.
    • Clothing that exposes the entire shoulder, tube tops, spaghetti straps, or similar type clothing, may be worn only with a blouse or shirt. Clothing exposing the torso or the midriff, either front, back, or sides, shall not be worn. Underwear shall not be visible. Clothing shall not expose the mid-chest area. Mini-skirts, mini-dresses and short shorts are not permitted. Hemlines shall be no shorter than fingertip length. All pants and shorts shall be secured at the waist.
    • Hair shall be clean and neatly groomed. Head coverings shall not be worn in the building unless required for religious observance or health-related reasons. The general appearance of a student should reflect neatness and good personal hygiene.
    • Garments and/or jewelry that display or suggest sexual, vulgar, drug, gang, weapons, or alcohol-related wording or graphics, or that provoke violence or disruption in the school, shall not be worn. Wallet chains shall not be worn.