Need to Know

For new and returning parents there are always questions about Deer Park. As the PTA president, it’s easy to forget what people don’t know or haven’t hear about, so this page is here to help! If you can think of a subject not on here that parents would want to know about, just drop me a line at

School Hours – 7:35a.m. – 1:55p.m. Early release days end at 12:55

Drop off/Pick up policy – students are dropped off in the BACK of the school, along side the cafeteria prior to 7:30a.m. If you are later than 7:30, you will need to drop your student off at the front office. If you are LATE (past 7:35 a.m.) you will need park and WALK your child into school to sign in. If you need to pick up your student early, please remember you must sign your child out before 1:25 (12:25 on early release) to avoid the buses. ONLY parents/friends/family who are on the emergency card on file will be allowed to pick up your student. It is IMPERATIVE you have an updated emergency card on file!!

Student Number – your child will be given a student number in kindergarten that will be used for their entire time in the Hillsborough School system. It’s important for students AND parents to have this number memorized, as it is used to sign in/out your student in the office, as their ID number in the cafeteria, on all checks sent to school (in the memo line), etc. Fun idea…make a password for your child’s tablet their student number so they memorize it quickly!

Volunteering on campus – you MUST have prior arrangements to volunteer on campus. Pop in visits are not allowed, as they interfere with instructional time. When volunteering, please be mindful of the teachers time…this is NOT the time to conference with teachers,